About Blue Ox Medical

Mission Statement

Blue Ox Medical is a diagnostic imaging company that represents a broad range of products and services to improve your outcomes, increase your efficiencies, and lower your costs.

The goal of our team of highly professional and experienced consultants is to become a valued partner in your overall practice. We focus on providing a comprehensive role and being your advocate – helping you make better buying decisions for your organization. We are creative, diverse, experienced, and very well-rounded in our approach to helping you evaluate and meet you particular needs.

Blue Ox is a medical technologies distributor for both the private practice and hospital markets. We represent a broad range of new and reconditioned capital equipment and services.

Blue Ox has replaced the traditional sales model with an innovative approach that saves you time and money. Our Sales Partners are product consultants and customer advocates. Their experience in selling diagnostic imaging equipment to diverse market segments makes Blue Ox uniquely qualified to offer creative solutions for your practice or department. Our Sales Partners do not carry quotas and do not need to push you into one product or brand over another. This freedom allows us to be truly consultative and focused on meeting your needs.

Blue Ox is initially concentrating on the following product lines; however, we have the resources to meet almost any need that arises. If there is a specific product or manufacturer that you are interested in, just let us know and we are happy to get it for you by request. Our current product line includes:

Ultrasound, CT, MRI, C-Arms, Digital X-Ray (DR), Bone Densitometry, Patient Monitoring, Physio Monitoring, EKG Systems, ECG Systems, Medical Tables, and much more!

DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING SERVICES:  CT Service, MRI Service, C-ARM/XRAY Service, ULTRASOUND Service, and routine QA/PM Testing.

LEASING, RENTALS & PARTS: Ultrasound Parts, CT Parts, X-Ray Parts, C-Arm Parts, and other Multi-Modality Parts


We are a passionate team. Passionate about our team, about our partners, and about our customers. We are very focused on building our business on these fundamental core values and we work to achieve these every day and in every interaction that we have.


As a direct sales organization we are passionate about who we are. Passionate about our products and our culture. Passionate about being part of creating new opportunities for our entire team. Passionate about each other.

Create Growth

For our team, for our Sales Partners, our vendors and for our customers. At Blue Ox, we create a culture in our organization so that growth, and the work it takes to make it happen, benefit all that are involved.

Customer Experience

We are committed to creating a unique customer experience and living by the Golden Rule. We will impress you with our breadth of products, our expertise and by our commitment to help you be successful.

Open & Honest

Within our team, our Reps, our vendors and with our customers, our goal is to build a culture where openness and honesty are valued and requirement to be on our team and define the quality of our communication with our customers.

Do More With Less

As experienced leaders, we are creative and dynamic in our strategies. We leverage open technology and tap the creative resources of our team and our Reps to create great things with our resources.

Family Culture

Our culture is built around the concept of building an interdependent family. Our success is hinged upon our mutual performance and we do whatever it takes to support each other and build deep relationships in our organization.

Geographic Footprint

Blue Ox is growing! We have Sales Reps and Service Engineers all across the country. We can support your purchasing or Service needs with a local rep and engineer, and have an inside sales expert work with you. Give us a call for an updated list or request more information and we will get the right representative in touch with you.