Blue Ox Partners & Distributors

Interested in joining the Blue Ox Team or learning more about our sales partnerships? Contact the Blue Ox team today by calling 704 350 5768.

Passionate Team

Our Sales Partners are the heart of Blue Ox. Highly professional, adaptive and committed to continuous improvement, our sales force is passionate about meeting the customers’ needs and differs significantly from the traditional company-focused sales representative.

Blue Ox provides our Sales Partners with an open, opportunistic platform with no geographic territories or market restrictions. We are a passionate team and believe in a strong ownership culture to foster common goals.

Trusted Partner

Blue Ox is changing the nature and structure of the capital, sales distribution model. By connecting our customers with single-sourced solutions, we will earn their business as a trusted partner to grow and optimize their practice. Our resolve to provide cost-effective solutions will empower our customers with the ability to provide world-class health care with improved financial performance. This ultimately builds loyalty and ensures long-term success.