Cost Solutions

With our broad range of products and services, Blue Ox can structure around your particular practiceā€™s needs to create a long lasting partnership, improve your outcomes, and lower your overall costs.

Diagnostic Imaging & Hardware Savings

Our goal is to reduce your equipment acquisition costs between 20-70% below the manufacturerā€™s prices without sacrificing any of your standards for quality.Ā  No matter if you're looking for the newest equipment you can purchase at a significant savings, or refurbished equipment at maximum savings, we can provide diagnostic, reliable, and serviceable market leaders at a fraction of the cost you would expect.Ā  By providing reliable equipment that meets every diagnostic need you may have, you can maximize your practice revenues to the bottom line.

Diagnostic Imaging Services & Quality Assurance / Preventive Maintenance Testing, Parts, and Tech Support

Blue Ox has trained and qualified service partners companies nationwide under non-exclusive arrangements. Because of this, our consultants can package services together to produce cost effective solutions for your office. Blue Ox only partners with trained and experienced engineer so that your equipment is back up and running, or maintained appropriately with the least amount of cost and downtime.

Financing Options

Our flexible financing and tax planning programs are geared towards helping you make the best use of your limited resources. Our in-house financing experts will work to optimize your investments so that your dollars are stretched to theĀ fullest extent without compromising performance and up-time needs.

Diagnostic Imaging

Enjoy our industry-leading diagnostic imaging products at an exceptional value.


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Service and Parts

Create more efficiencies, reduce your downtown, and lower your cost with our guaranteed service options.

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Finance and Rentals

Call now for a customized finance or rental program to meet your exact budget and timeframe.

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